How large is your sense of self? Do you believe you are a one man army? What about your family, friends, and city that create your daily experience? What about the trees and oceans that provide our food and the air we breath?

What about the ecosystems that provide the balance that we take so much for granted? What if your sense of self incorporated the entirety of the world around you that allows you to exist?

A larger Self​ is meant to inspire children and adults alike to consider their larger self, take responsibility for the bigger picture of our planet and to understand that for every action is a reaction, and that all life on earth is interconnected. The mural also incorporates the four earth elements. The geese represent the wind, the

whales represent water, the ferns represent earth, the stars - fire.

The model is Noah, a local whom I got connected with through a brief call for a model on IG. I had many ask who it was and why. My response is, “Well, what if a stranger came up to you and asked to paint your portrait 26 feet tall? That would be a pretty special moment in your life. So no reason, other than to make a stranger feel special.”

Another crowd sourced project exactly one year after my last. Thank you all, people power!

"The One Who Holds You Back, (You)."   April 2020

Certified Tattoo, (S. Broadway)


street art, murals, denver, colorado, spraypaint
mural, street art, denver, colorado

Self portrait, because who needs this advice more than me! Trying to turn “I can’t” into “I can” these days.

Enjoyed playing with the architecture with this one, placing my cut out portrait in the window above, making myself appear to be behind its bars.

"Children of the Light, Take Flight"   June 2019

1640 W North Ave.

Baltimore, MD


This mural was such a rewarding process. The community was moved by this piece and I received nothing but

words of kindness and excitement. Public, free, accessible art really is where it's at!

Thank you so much to the super mom Tana' for allowing me to use her beautiful daughter Ty'Jaie as my model. 

The energy of the neighborhood, the donations of support, and the affirmations I received during this process

made this truly special and a reminder to keep pushing on doing what I do. Mural funded by the people! Thank

you for the donations.

"Children of the Light, Take Flight"   June 2019

2548 NW Upshur St.

Portland, Oregon


I was privately commissioned by the property owner Scott to do a piece that represented the surge of feminine energy that has been more prevalent than ever following the 2016 election and a piece to compliment the masculine colors and architecture of the building.

The women’s face depicted represents a modern take on Lady Portlandia, pensive, looking out over a contemplative sea, a storm surge comes from her mind. Roses surround her and form from the storm clouds - representing “Rose City”, a nod to Scott’s family roses planted around the building and a symbol of love. 

"Resilience"   June 2017


Portland, Oregon


This Mural is painted at Q-Center in Portland, Oregon which is a community resource center for the LGBTQ Community. I chose a cactus as the subject, (this one based off a prickly pear), as a symbol for the LGBTQ

community because of the thick skin we have grown, our ability to survive harsh (social) environments, our perseverance to become untouchable, (our thorns), and the flowers represent the beauty so many of us

bring to this world. The Western Meadowlark is Oregon's state bird, a good ally to the cactus?

 Other Murals IN PUBLIC SPACES (2013-Present)

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