For this series I have begun breaking down rust, like that from barbed wire or the Mexican/American wall, into a pigment. The themes will explore physical and personal boundaries.

I have been living in the southwest thinking a lot about borders and walls, having the wall to Mexico quite literally in my back yard. I have have thought a lot about the development and monopolization of land here in the states. The invention of barbed wire, which created physical property lines that are strewn all throughout the west as white colonizers claimed land rights.  Being out in this quiet area has also allowed me to dive deeper into myself, exploring my person boundaries. I want this series to explore human's living on and pushing their edges. What drives us to push our comfort zones?

"Edges" Series, (2019- Present)

"From the Ash" Series, (2017- 2018)

This series experiments with creating pigment from ash that fell in Portland during the Eagle Creek Wildfire in Oregon.  It destroyed 45,000 acres of wildlife preserve and was caused by a teen playing with fireworks. The series will work with imagery pertaining to wildfires and human encroachment of preserved wilderness. All work is done on Bamboo paper.